Introduction & Goal

Welcome to CPT Express, a platform genuinly unique from other online shopping platforms that takes honor in introducing the latest and most creative unique products to Pakistani consumers AT THE CHEAPEST POSSIBLE PRICES directly from China. CPT Express, made possible by Pakistani and Chinese business partners working together, is the one and only platform dedicated to act as a solid online bridge specifically between China and Pakistan.


CPT Express started with the goal to empower small-mid scale businessmen to buy products at cheapest possible prices directly from China with cheapest possible delivery rates, while ensuring quality at the same time. By the grace of God, we achieved that goal very quickly by providing our customers with unmatched prices and ensuring quality by testing each and every piece of their ordered product in China before delivering to Pakistan. Just after 2 months of launch, we now have regular customers from all around Pakistan.


We are also unique because all of our products are directly sold and shipped from China and only to Pakistani customers. Unlike other China based online shopping malls, we are a registered company in Pakistan with our head office based in Karachi. With our services, now you can pay in Pakistan and buy directly in China, so that your payment stays safe within your own country.


At the same time, CPT Express has a larger aim to serve Pakistan by keeping the tax money within Pakistan. When customers from Pakistan purchase products from other China based online shopping platform, you pay directly to Chinese sellers, who in turn pay sales tax to China government that is used for progress and prosperity of China, but not Pakistan. However when customers p urchase products from CPT Express, the payment is made in Pakistan to our registered CPT Express brand which in turn pays the sales tax to Pakistan government that is used for progress and prosperity of Pakistan and its citizens.


Insured Cheapes Deliveries from China to Pakistan At the same time, we provide insured deliveries from China to Pakistan at cheapest possible prices not available in any other international online shopping websites selling to Pakistan. Insured deliveries through well reputed courier brands like FedEx, DHL or Aramex mean that your deliveries are 100% secure and in case of any loss, the courier company is responsible to compensate for your full loss.