If you want to visit China yourself, we still arrange everything for you in China and help you to get best deals while making your business trip easier, cheaper and safer. If you want to choose this option, please follow the process below to complete your business deals:

Step 1 – Sharing your requirements

  • Before visiting China, contact us or visit any of our office locations.
  • Discuss requirements of your required products and their quality with our sales staff.
  • Please share how much quantity you want to buy and what’s your expected price range per piece.
  • If possible, show samples of required products to our sales staff.
  • Share with us the estimated time of your visit to China.
  • Please inform us if you would like us to arrange visa invitation letter, book hotel(s) in China and
  • arrange for plane/train tickets for travel within China. Also share if you would like us to arrange
  • Muslim food for you.

Step 2- Finding your required products in China

  • In China, we will find the cheapest and most reliable factory that makes your required products.
  • We will get the samples from factory and inspect those for quality according to your requirements.
  • Our sales staff will share the price and details with you.
  • If you would like to see product samples from the factory, we will arrange it for you.

Step 3 – Placing order

  • If you like the deal, you will pay our service fee in China so that we start working for you.
  • If you would like to visit the factory yourself for more inspection, we will arrange your visit to the factory.
  • If you are satisfied with everything so far, you will make the full payment for your order and shipment directly to the factory or through us.
  • Once we confirm your payment, we will book the order with the factory in China.
  • When the factory has all your products ready, our quality control (QC) will visit the factory and inspect all the products one by one to ensure quality delivery for you. If you like to visit the factory with us for quality inspection, we will arrange your visit as well.
  • We will then work with the factory to ship your order to Karachi port in Pakistan.
  • You will receive your order at Karachi port.